Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 500 ml


500 ml



The benefit of using Organic Virgin coconut oil

Many manufacturers have started using Organic Virgin coconut oil in packaged products and it is used by many for cooking. Many products contain coconut oil, such as fried foods, candy, shampoos, coffee, and smoothies

Coconut oil contains fat-saturated by over 80 percent. Some experts have related saturated fats to cardiovascular diseases and other conditions. Findings from a 2009 animal study suggested that MCTs contained in coconut oil may help preserve the sensitivity to insulin.

The study also reported MCT oil, not coconut oil,’ different beneficial health effects in 29 studies.

Virgin coconut oil has high antioxidant properties. In a rodent study, the stress arising from the physical activities and persistent cold seemed to be minimized. Researchers conclude that virgin coconut oil can be useful for treating depression of some kind.
While epidemiological studies show that groups of people who include coconut as part of their native diets (e.g., India, Philippines, Polynesia) have low cardiovascular disease levels, it is important to note that many other characteristics, dietary and other, maybe explaining. The type of coconut that they consume is also different from what is used in a traditional Western diet.