Viroxide – 2.5 Kg


• Peroxygen formulation for enhanced broad-spectrum disinfection
• Non-resistant oxidative chemistry for speed of kill
• Proven effective against African Swine Fever at a market leading dilution rate of 1:800
• Suitable for general hygiene and Emergency Disease Control
• Suitable for livestock housing, equipment, aerial fogging, misting, vehicles and foot dip applications
• Reduces build-up of scale and biofilm in pipeline systems, improving the water quality, reducing bacterial contamination, maintaining pipe diameter, water flow and volume
• Effective in a wide range of temperatures and in hard water conditions
Independently laboratory tested with proven rapid action against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores:
• Independently tested for virucidal activity (EN14675)
• Proven activity against bacteria (EN1656 and EN1276), fungi (yeast) (EN1657) and spores (EN13704)
• DEFRA approved (FMD, SVD, DoP and General Orders)
Composition: A buffered blend of inorganic Peroqygen Compounds
Appearance: Free-flowing grey pink powder
Odour: Characteristic
PH: 2.0-3.0
Pack Size: 2.5 kg
Manufactured By: Neogen Food and Animal Security India Pvt Ltd

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